Outsurance KFM Gun Run 2017

Race day 2017
Sunday 08 October


    Atlantic Athletic Club

    Anna Foundation

    This year, the OUTsurance KFM Gun Run are proud to support the Anna Foundation a non-profit organisation working with children who live on farms and in rural areas of the Western Cape. Their mission is to support rural communities through its education, sports and life development programmes, namely the 3 R’s ‘Reading, Running, Right-ing’ programme.

    Anna Foundation This professionally designed programme aimed at children from Grade R to 12, is implemented after school hours. It is based on a philosophy of holistic development and a belief in ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’.

    The Programme

    ​READING: The ‘Reading’ curriculum focusses on literacy and numeracy development through grade-specific worksheets and is in alignment with the South African Department of Education’s National Curriculum. RUNNING: This part of the afternoon focuses on the physical development and wellbeing of the children. Their Running curriculum has been carefully designed to improve motor skills development, teamwork, fitness levels and encourage play. RIGHT-ING: The Foundation aims to equip the children with the skills to cope with every-day life, make the right choices and instil a positive vision of their own self-worth. This is done through the medium of drama games, which have a beneficial impact on a child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive development.

    Incentive Programmes

    Various incentives (‘carrots’!) keep the children motivated: Computers: With educational games are used at the end of the lessons after an afternoon of hard work. Fun Runs: The children participate in a number of fun runs throughout the year. In order to take part, a child will need to have a good attendance record, complete their education worksheets and be actively involved in the sports and drama programmes. Fun runs give the children an opportunity to interact in society, practice good manners and show off their sporting abilities. The children stand out in their yellow Anna Foundation running kit and at most of the events they go home with a medal of their own. These achievements play a valuable part in building self-esteem. Bicycles are stationed at a number of projects for use at the end of an afternoon. Children know that they won’t get to ride if they have poor behaviour or a bad attitude. ‘No Read, No Ride’

    Training for farm women

    ​The Anna Foundation provides on-going training for women from the farming communities; equipping them with the necessary skills to manage their after school centres and successfully implement the 3 R’s Programme.

    Why farms and rural areas?

    ​By addressing the needs of rural children, a huge step is taken toward alleviating poverty in these communities. Without education, these children will not reach their full potential and will not be able to take advantage of opportunities to improve their position. The intended purpose of the programmes is to build positive self-worth in each child. Without self-worth and self-confidence a child will not perform optimally at school or see the need to improve him/herself and will not have a future vision towards which to aspire.

    The Anna Foundation recognises each child as unique and special, and aims to equip each one with skills for life-long learning. To find out more visit www.annafoundation.com.

    Find out more
    Education, sports and life skills for rural children

    Education, sports and life skills for rural children

    Outsurance KFM Gun Run and Anna foundation

    Corporate donation

    ​OUTsurance will once again be supporting the charity drive by donating R200 to Anna Foundation for each person that completes an obligation free insurance quote. Those interested should sms “run” to 31494 and an OUTsurance advisor will call them back. Visit www.outsurance.co.za.

    Come run with us!

    At the event

    Why not join the Anna Foundation children as a support runner as they do the Gun Run 5km fun run?! Contact Carolyn for details

    Get Involved

    How you can help

    All activities initiated and implemented by the Anna Foundation rely on funding and donations. A donation received, no matter how big or small, will change the lives of the children with whom we work! Ways to get involved:

    • Fundraising through GivenGain or JustGiving
    • Make a donation (donations to the Anna Foundation are tax deductible)
    • Give of your time or share your skills
    For further details, please visit the Anna Foundation website.