Outsurance KFM Gun Run 2020

Race day 2020
Sunday 20 September


    Atlantic Athletic Club


    Got a question about the Gun Run?

    Race entries

    Entry dates

    In-store entries close for all races on Sunday 29 September 2019. Online entries close for all races on Sunday 6 October 2019. No late entries will be accepted.

    Can I enter on the day?

    No entries will be taken on the day.

    There is a problem with my entry

    You can email Top Events or call them on 021 511 7130.

    Where do I collect my number?

    We have a range of number collection venues spread throughout the city. Make a note of which venue you selected when you entered so you know where to collect your number. Take a look at our number collection page for more details. 

    Timing and chips

    Can I run without a chip?

    Both the 21.1km and 10km races are timed with the use of chips. If you participate in either race without a chip, you will not be listed as an official finisher or receive an official time. This means you will not have the race listed in your race history or be eligible for prize money. This will mean that you cannot enter it into any of the online portals like Discovery Vitality. There are no chips for the 5km.

    When do I get my results?

    We will post links to the official results on the website as soon as they are out. Usually the results are available within 48 hours. 

    Why is the time on my watch not the same as the official result?

    As with most road races in South Africa the race is a gun to gun race. The 21.1km and 10km timing chips are synced to the race clock which is started at precisely the same time as the gun is fired. The time on the race clock as you cross the finish line is your official time which will be recorded in the results. Always start your watch as the gun fires, not when you cross the starting line. Get to the start early for the best position to ensure you don’t lose precious seconds.


    How are you making the race greener?

    Read more about our initiatives this year including #BangItInTheBin and how you can contribute to a more environmentally Gun Run

    Why don't you use cups instead of sachets?

    This year we are trialling cups at the first water station in the 21km only. There will be Bluewater refill tanks at this station as well as the finish.

    Why don't you use biodegradable sachets?

    We have researched biodegradable sachets and unfortunately these can not be manufactured more than two days before the event as they begin to break down. We order over 125,000 so we cannot produce the volume that the Gun Run needs in time. As the plastic is not as strong, they also leak from the pressure of the sachets next to them, so if there is no water in them by race day then we have a problem! 

    Why don't you use biodegradable cups?

    Coca-Cola has also been looking at ways they can be greener, one way is to use 100% recyclable (non-wax) cups. Often our tables are set up 4 hours prior to the runners arriving and the (non-wax) cups tend to 'melt' after standing with liquid in them for long periods. We would like our runners to be able to drink from the cups we hand out rather than getting them all over their chests! Even if we could use these they are 4 times more expensive than the normal cups and are currently not viable from a business perspective. 


    Where do I put my race number?

    Your race number should be pinned to the front of your vest. Remember the race referees want to be able to see it as you come sprinting past them!

    Do I need to be a member of a club to run?

    No, but runners who have entered and added the name of their club must run in their club colours with their Gun Run race number pinned to the front and the WPA licence numbers pinned to the back. If you aren’t part of a club then you can wear whatever you like and you will enter with a temporary licence.

    What should I wear?

    It’s always best to wear clothing that you have raced in before. Remember it may be cold at the start but you will warm up quickly and you might not want to have to tie a long sleeve top around your waist for 15km! Think about buying a race t-shirt when you enter if you don’t run with a club.

    Can I listen to music?

    No. Listening to music is considered breaking an international rule of the sport, as listed under the General Competition section of the IAAF rule book.  Runners with headphones can be disqualified.

    Take a look at the race rules.

    What times do the races start?

    The 21.1km starts at 6:30am, our 10km at 7:30am and the 5km at 8:30am on Beach Road (near the Water Club). Cut off is 10am which gives the half marathon runners 3.5 hours to complete their race.

    What time must I arrive at the start?

    Early! Please allow 30 minutes more than you think you need. We are expecting 18,000 people which means there will be congestion especially in parking areas and around the stadium. Remember you will need to allow time to find a parking space and walk to the start. Some people park at the finish and jog or walk to the start, if you are thinking of doing this allow another minutes depending on your walking speed! Aim to line up at the start at least 30 minutes before the race begins if you want to get a good position.

    How does the seeding work?

    This year we are seeding the half marathon and 10km races. We will separate runners into pens A to E according to previous qualifying times at races of the same distance. Remember to submit your best time when you enter to avoid lining up at the back. Find out more about seeding.

    Are there secure parking areas?

    Due to the location of the Gun Run you will be parking on public roads and car parks at the start of the race. We have security guards that patrol the roads closest to the start and finish areas, but they cannot be everywhere at once. Please do not park on yellow lines, in front of private driveways and abide by all traffic regulations. Runners park at their own risk and the Gun Run will not be held responsible for any traffic offences or stolen valuables.

    Every year we receive reports of runners cars being broken into. A race of this size draws attention so please don’t advertise your valuables by packing your boot with wallets, handbags, tog bags and clothing in full view of other participants and members of the public when you arrive. We recommend that you put what you need after the race in the boot before leaving your home and drive to the event in what you are racing in. Don’t make a show of storing your items in your car at the start of any road race including the Gun Run.

    Are the MyCiTi buses free?

    Yes. There is a shuttle service running from the Civic Centre to Stadium Stations (a short walk from the start and finish areas) and this is free to all runners and their supporters.  Your race number is your ticket. MyCiti page.

    Are there tog bag facilities?

    We offer secure tog bag facilities sponsored by Biddulphs. One of their trucks will be at the car park at the bottom of Fritz Sonnenberg, with two more at the rear of the start. They will transport bags to the finish where they can be collected. Bags are left entirely at runners own risk, so use a small padlock to secure your kit bag. Please don’t bring excessive valuables or money and switch off your phone.

    How many toilets are there?

    We have a combined total of 216 toilets and urinals at the start and the finish of the race. There is also one toilet at each water table. Public toilets on the route will be open. Beware of queues so make sure you arrive early if you know you need to use the facilities.

    What drinks will be provided on the route?

    Water and Coca Cola will be available on the route.

    Where is the best place to meet friends and family at the start and finish?

    The start is located on Beach Road (near the Water Club) and the finish will be on the fields at Hamilton's Rugby Club. Many runners arrange to meet at the AAC information tent at the finish (look for the AAC white flag). Please don’t wait for finishers at the end of the race chutes as this causes congestion.

    What medical cover is there on race day?

    Medics, trained paramedics, an ambulance and a race doctor will be ready at the start, finish areas and various points along the route.

    5km runners getting ready to start

    5km runners getting ready to start