Outsurance KFM Gun Run 2018

Race day 2018
Sunday 14 October


    Atlantic Athletic Club

    MyCiTi Bus Park and Ride

    This year MyCiTi will be transporting runners and their supporters free of charge from the station at the Civic Centre to the Stadium station from 4:30am-8am. Catch the bus back to your car after your run between 8am-11:30am.

    To the start

    Civic Centre – Cape Town Stadium

    The first bus will depart from the Civic Centre station at 4:30am and last bus will depart at 8am. Buses will leave as soon as they are full. Passengers will be dropped off at the Cape Town Stadium station.

    From the finish

    Cape Town Stadium – Civic Centre

    Buses will pick up runners at the Cape Town Stadium station. The buses will return to town via the circle and back along Helen Suzman Boulevard. Passengers will be dropped off at the Civic Centre Station. The first bus will depart from the Stadium station at 8am and last bus at 11:30am. The service will run at a 15 minute frequency to 10:30am and thereafter a every 5 minutes to 11:30am.  

    How to find the right bus

    Each Gun Run bus stop will be identified by sign and The Gun Run buses will also have a posters on the front and side and electronic signage. Look out for a crew member in both locations that will be able to assist you.

    Where to park

    There is plenty of public parking around the Civic Centre. PLEASE NOTE: The Traffic Department will clamp, fine and tow away any illegally parked vehicles, please adhere to all parking signs and restrictions. 

    Race times reminder

    Please allow enough time to park your car near the Civic Centre, board a MyCiTi bus and arrive at the start before your race gets underway:

    • 6:30am: Half marathon
    • 7:15am: 10km 
    • 8:30am: 5km

    MyCiTi information

    View all the latest MyCiTI routes, information and maps on the MyCiTi website.

    Runners board the MyCiTi shuttle at the 2014 finish area

    Runners board the MyCiTi shuttle at the 2014 finish area