Outsurance KFM Gun Run 2017

Race day 2017
Sunday 08 October


    Atlantic Athletic Club

    Road Closures

    Atlantic Athletic Club would like to inform motorists, residents and runners in the Sea Point, Green Point and V&A Waterfront areas that certain roads will be closed or busy for duration of the OUTsurance KFM Gun Run. The race takes place on Sunday 16 October and the race organisers are appealing to motorists to please drive safely, be on the look out for runners and walkers, and to obey all traffic marshals and police, who are there for your and everyone’s safety.


    There will be no parking from Mouille Point Lighthouse to the Hotel School on Beach Road. Please view our parking page for further information.

    Complete Road Closures

    Beach Road (Bill Peters – Granger Bay Blvd) Closed 4:00–10:00
    Fritz Sonnenburg Road (Beach Rd – Granger Bay Blvd) Closed 5:00–10:00
    Granger Bay Boulevard (Beach Rd – Fritz Sonnenberg) Closed 5:00–9:00
    Vlei Road (Fritz Sonnenberg – Helen Suzman Blvd)  Closed 5:00–10:00
    Haul Road (Beach Rd – Granger Bay Blvd) Closed 6:00–6:45
    Port Road (Ebenezer Rd – Stanley Rd) Closed 6:30–7:30
    Bennett Street (Port Rd – Prestwich St) Closed 6:30–7:30
    Prestwich Road (Bennett St – Ebenzer Rd)  Closed 6:30–7:30
    Ebenezer Road (Port Rd – Somerset Rd)  Closed 6:30–7:30
    Three Anchor Bay (Beach Rd – Main Rd)  Closed 6:45–8:15
    Clarence Road (Beach Rd – Kloof Rd)  Closed 6:55–8:40
    Seacliffe Road (Victoria Rd – Beach Rd)  Closed 7:10–9:30

    Single lane closures

    Helen Suzman Blvd (York Rd Circle – Bill Peters) Seapoint inbound 6:30–8:30
    Main Rd (York Rd – Three Anchor Bay Rd) CBD inbound lane 6:45–9:45
    Beach Rd (Three Anchor Bay Rd – Clarence Rd) Camps Bay inbound 6:45–8:40
    Kloof Rd (The Glen – Clarence Rd) CBD inbound lane 6:55–9:00
    Lower Kloof Rd (Victoria Rd – The Glen) CBD inbound lane 7:00–9:00
    Beach Rd (Seacliffe Rd – Queens Rd) CBD inbound lane 7:10–9:30
    Beach Rd (Clarence Rd – Three Anchor Bay Rd) CBD inbound lane 6:45–8:45
    Beach Rd (Queens Rd – Clarence Rd) CBD inbound lane 7:10–8:45
    Stephen Way (Fritz Sonnenberg Rd – finish) Inbound lane 7:15–10:00

    Keep an eye open for the road closed signs

    Keep an eye open for the road closed signs