Outsurance KFM Gun Run 2020

Race day 2020
Sunday 20 September


    Atlantic Athletic Club


    The Gun Run will implement seeding ensuring 7500 participants in the 10km and 7000 runners in the half marathon will experience a quicker and more efficient start to their race.

    Qualifying races

    You will be given the opportunity to submit a qualifying time during the entry process, NB no changes to your best time will be accepted after 16:00 on Sunday 23rd September 2019. You can enter your best time for a previous race under 'Athlete Details' on online entries or on page 2 of the entry form. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not give a qualifying time you will start at the back. Seeding is based on a 10km or 21.1km race run within 12 months prior to the event. There will be no seeding in the 5km fun run.

    Seeded race numbers

    Your race pack will contain your race number starting with a letter from A to E. If you have a yellow permanent number you are eligiable to start in A. The faster your qualifying time during a previous race of the same distance, the higher the letter. Please have a look at the times required for each pen:

      Seeding 21.1km 10km    
      A Elites – 1:29:59 Elites – 0:39:59    
      Yellow (A) Permanent numbers Permanent numbers    
      B 1:30:00 – 1:59:59 0:40:00 – 0:59:59    
      C 2:00:00 – 2:29:59 1:00:00 – 1:19:59    
      D 2:30:00 – 2:59:59 1:20:00+    
      E 3:00:00+      

    NB Your previous race time MUST be of the same distance as the race you are entering. You CANNOT use a 10km time for a faster entry in the 21km race and vice versa.

    At the start

    • Please allow enough time to park, walk to the start and find your seeding pen which will be clearly signed.
    • You will be required to show your race number to the official at the gate of the pen in order to gain entry, so please pin your numbers to the front of your vest.
    • Should you wish to run with slower friends you may enter their pen as long as it is lower than yours, e.g. If you have been allocated a B seeding and your friend is in C, you may join them in their pen but they will not be allowed to start with you in B.
    • Pens will close 10 minutes before the start of the race and the groups will compress, so get to your seeding pen early. Late comers will be directed to the back of the field.

    The start of the Gun Run 2014

    The start of the Gun Run 2014