Outsurance KFM Gun Run 2020

Race day 2020
Sunday 20 September


    Atlantic Athletic Club

    Water Tables

    134,500 sachets of water and 18,378 cups of Coca Cola will be provided for 18,000 runners on the Gun Run routes across the half marathon, 10km and 5 km fun run.

    The water

    Providing our runners with water and recycling waste is our priority. In 2019 we have significantly reduced our plastic sachets by 35,000 and this year we are trialling 3000 cups of water at the first station on the 21km. There will be Bluewater refill tanks at this station as well as the finish. Our water in sachets is sourced from K3 Water & Energy Sachets in Paarden Eiland. The water is purified by reverse osmosis and stays fresh in the sachets for up to 12 months. Our sachets are produced a week before the event, collected by Peninsula Beverage Co. and then chilled overnight. These are delivered to our water tables at 3:30am on race day. 

    Table locations

      Location Distance Sponsor Race Coke
      Ebenezer Rd 5km Barons World 21.1 No
      Seapoint Public Library  8 / 3.5km KFM/OUTsurance 21.1 / 10  Yes
      Beach/Arthur's Rd 7km Mancosa 10 Yes
      Kloof/Nettleton Rd 11km Asics 21.1 Yes
      Victoria Rd 13.5km Clifton Surf Lifesaving 21.1 Yes
      Promenade/Worchester Rd  17.5km Sportsmans Warehouse 21.1 Yes
      Main Rd/Wigtown Rd 3km AAC 5 No
      Finish*   Coca Cola 21.1 / 10 / 5 Yes

    *Water will be provided at the finish of each race.

    Waste collection and recycling

    Tables are provided with rakes and bins and manage the clean up in their immediate area. Kleen Bin are responsible for sweeping the entire route and the collection of waste and recycling from the tables and the start and finish areas. All runners are encouraged not to litter the route. Fencing is erected at points on the promenade to prevent discarded sachets blowing into the sea. Please be considerate to the environment and residents and drop sachets and cups into the bins provided.

    Unused water

    Our calculations are based on the number of runners and the likelihood of a unseasonably hot day. This means we always order more than we need. Leftover water is donated to local road races and the rest is collected and recycled by KleenBin. Empty and unopened Coca Cola bottles are collected by Peninsula Beverage Co. directly after the race is finished. If you would like water sachets for your event and are able to collect it on race day, contact us.

    Don’t forget

    Ensure you are hydrated when you are arrive at the event, don’t drink alcohol the night before the race and bring your own water to the start as none will be provided in the starting area. There will be Coke, Coke Zero, sachets and a Bluewater refill station at the finish.

    Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club in action on Victoria Road

    Clifton Surf Lifesaving Club in action on Victoria Road